History & Background

History & Background- Originally founded in 2011 as an option for a Wellness Program for the underserved 10 to 100 employee market, early research quickly concluded most Wellness Programs missed their target!  Although Wellness Programs are vital, their traditional delivery was way off.  Most Wellness Programs simply didn’t work. The actual Wellness Programs themselves were terrific, but the way they were delivered was ineffective.  It was at this point Care One Connect was born!

C1C began by introducing the concept of a “C1C Care Coordinator” to a select few clients of a Benefits Firms in Dayton, Ohio. The C1C Care Coordinator would be a Qualified and Trained Nurse. Quickly, these firms realized the concept of Trusted Healthcare Coordination was desperately needed by employees in today’s chaotic healthcare environment.   The initial approach was to offer the employees a relationship with a Healthcare Professional.  The strategy was to build a relationship first so that employees could build trust with the employee to then be in a position to address Wellness and Health improvement, a strategy that was successful from the beginning.

By 2012, C1C had grown to serve over 30 Customers and nearly 2000 employees who were using the Care One Connect program. In 2013, Care One Connect committed to building systems and tools to manage their incredible growth, systems that were effectively put in place by 2013.  In January 2014, C1C started their first Operations Partnership in Dayton, Ohio.