About Care Coordinators

What is A Care Coordinator?

A C1C  Care Coordinator is a Nurse Professional committed to helping employees coordinate anything to do with an their health.  Many of our clients have compared the roles of a C1C Care Coordinator to a Concierge at a Hotel. This is the person someone can seek out to help them make good and informed decisions about what is happening in the healthcare system.  C1C Care Coordinators provide a trusted resource for employees to turn to when they are confused, scared, or even curious about their health.

C1C Care Coordinators do not provide diagnoses but will educate employees on various medical conditions, terms, screening results, and lifestyle programs.  A C1C Care Coordinator is Independent of the Insurance Companies, Broker, and Company.  C1C Care Coordinators are hired independently so employees have a trusted relationship where they can feel safe and confident in the information they are sharing and receiving.

It’s very simple….C1C Care Coordinators are a trusted resource for employees amidst the chaos of a healthcare system that is spiraling out of control.  This is the future!

Why does my company need a Care Coordinator?

Today, more than ever, employees need help making healthcare decisions.  Unfortunately, the current system does not allow enough time to educate and care for employees that are dealing with medical conditions and diseases.  Often times, the employees are left confused about what is happening to them and what their next steps should be.  Care One Connect is addressing these needs by providing the proper resources to help guide and support employees on the front line of healthcare.

Imagine what happens today….when you are not feeling well you call the doctor’s office to set up an appointment.  Fortunately, they are able to “squeeze you in” to the schedule.  You show up to the office and check in and wait anywhere from about 15 to 45 minutes.  Then, the nurse checks you in and takes you to another waiting room.  The doctor is usually very busy so he or she only has a few minutes to talk to you and ask & answer questions.  Whether the doctor gives you diagnoses or refers you to someone else, you most likely leaving the office confused and, sometimes, even scared.  Where do you turn to ask more questions? To educate yourself? Having a C1C Care Coordinator will give you the resource to turn to for answers.

Now, imagine your company just switched health insurance companies and the broker recently held a group meeting explaining the new program and all the “Tools” and “Wellness Programs” available to your staff.  You are all instantly expected to know how all of these resources work.  Here is where a C1C Care Coordinator is VITAL!  C1C Care Coordinators will support all of the Tools and Programs available to the Insurance Company Plan. Plus, they will ensure each employee is educated and informed about the new or existing program.

“This a note to let you know how very much we, at BSF Inc., appreciate the time you’ve spent with our employees in mentoring and teaching us the things we need to know regarding our health and healthcare options……”

Kathryn Keel | President, BSF Inc.