What Makes Us Unique

What makes C1C unique- The first thing we say to people is “Care One Connect is NOT a Wellness Program”. Care One Connect is unique to the industry because we really aren’t the wellness program, but we are superior in driving and coordinating all of the Healthcare Tools available to employees.  These tools could be Insurance Company Wellness Programs, Biometric Screenings, Transparency Research Tools, Tele Doctor Calls, Prescription Programs, etc.

Our uniqueness also comes from the fact that we are faced with our Approach and Delivery.  The first goal with any employee is to offer a trusting relationship with a Care One Connect Coordinator.  In addition, we focus on listening to how we can help each individual employee and his family.

Once we have established the trust with the employee, we will then begin to promote the necessary and available tools to the employee. There are 1000s of Wellness Programs and Tools available in the market today.  Most of which are excellent!  Care Coordinators create the space and relationship necessary to promote all of the tools available to employees.