Benefits of Service

As an Employer, you want the best for your employees.  The last several years have been very difficult financially juggling health insurance and salary increases.  Most likely you have struggled having to increase deductibles in addition to small (if any) raises.  When you spend money on benefits you need to be assured that you are maximizing your dollar.

We have found over time that there are several benefits for the employer to offer the Care One Connect Service.  The benefits are clearly seen by Employees, Employers, Human Resource Professionals, Brokers, and Insurance Carriers.   Our philosophy from the day we started C1C has been to take care of the employees anyway possible by building a trusted relationship.  Once the relationship is established around an employee’s health everyone benefits!

Over time we have heard countless employees comment to their employer about how happy and grateful they are to have a C1C Care Coordinator come to their workplace every month.  In addition, they are extremely appreciative that their employer allowed them time during work hours to attend to their health.  Offering the C1C benefit clearly shows employees that their employer cares about his/her employees.

“Our company has been associated with Care One Connect for approximately four months now and have found them to be not only professional and caring, but their services have helped a couple of our employees to detect underlying health issues that they had no idea was going on and would not have sought medical help if not detected by Care One Connect.

This not only helps the employees, but also helps our company retain good, healthy employees with less time away from the job. This in itself has proven to be more than worth the small fee to provide this additional benefit to our employees.”

                                                                                                —Bonnie Martin | Financial Systems Mgr, Wolf Creek Co.