Financial Support

ACA Support

Healthcare Reform has had a very strong impact on U.S. Citizens and businesses the last few years and continues to influence many healthcare decisions.  There are several new regulations, requirements, and mandates required by employees to keep “affordable” healthcare coverage. Employees are being asked to take more and more responsibility for their Health Insurance.

Care One Connect is committed to helping employees meet any healthcare requirements that an employee may be facing.  C1C Care Coordinators will meet individually to determine the requirement.  In addition, they will design a plan to make sure the employee is successful with the challenges they are facing.

High Deductible Support

The nature of Healthcare has changed dramatically over the last 20 years.  Remember the 1990’s, when most employer sponsored healthcare programs had little to no deductibles or copays?  Then, in the mid- 2000’s rate increases averaged 12%-15% requiring employers to shift the risk to the employees by raising deductibles, co-pays, and out of pocket maximums as a way to contain costs.  Employees today have to be much more aware of the costs associated with their healthcare usage because they are paying for more and more of it themselves.

One of the biggest focuses of Care One Connect is to help employees with this financial exposure.  Employees are confused and scared and may have no one to turn to.  Our C1C Care Coordinators will take the time to help them by first understanding what their “financial exposure” is going to be for the year.  From there they will take inventory of ongoing healthcare expenses and potentially unforeseen expenses.    Then, they will lay out a plan through research and education to help support the employee with their financial exposure.  Employees leave this experience feeling much better knowing there are ways to manage this financial exposure and that they are doing everything in their power to control it.  

Grant Support

In recent years several States have been presented Money by the Federal Government to support Wellness Initiatives for Small Businesses.  In some States this means Businesses could obtain Several Thousand Dollars to implement a program at their workplace. Care One Connect is equipped to support any Initiative in the marketplace.  We have seen over the years several client apply for State Federal Grants and ultimately receive enough money to support the cost of such a program like Care One Connect.

In today’s time it can be very difficult for an Employer to find money to pay for new Benefits. We would highly recommend not ruling out any program like C1C due to cost. It is important to check to see if your business is eligible to receive money for implementing a program with your particular State.