Claims Reduction

Controlling claims costs without sacrificing quality and effectiveness is a constant challenge for Insurance Companies and Employers. Everyone wants the best care possible which also comes with a price and shows up in the form of high claims costs.  Many times employees are making healthcare decisions without the proper information.  Employees may be unaware of the different prices that exist in the marketplace today.  Whether it’s an MRI, Colonoscopy, Knee Surgery, or Alternative Medication there are extreme price differences.  The wrong choice can quickly show up on a claims report to the Insurance Company or TPA at the end of the year.

 With Care One Connect you will be assured that the employees will have access to a professional who is qualified to “shop & compare” prices for employees.  Whether it’s an independent tool or one associated with the Insurance Company the C1C Care Coordinator can provide the information that has been missing. By using this service Claims will be reduced at the end of the year.