Insurance Company Tools

Insurance Companies and TPA’s have some of the most effective Healthcare tools and programs in the Industry.  Unfortunately, most employees and employers have very limited knowledge of what is available to them.  Even though all of these tools and programs are paid for out of insurance premiums they are rarely used.

Some of the Insurance Company tools and programs include:

  • Disease Management Support
  • Alternative Medication Reviews
  • Lifestyle Programs:
  • Fitness
  • Diabetes
  • Nutrition
  • Personal Health Tracking
  • Nurse Hotlines
  •  Healthcare Cost Estimators
  •  Online Wellness Programs
  •  Provider or Facility Quality Review
  •  Health Risk Assessments
  •  Health Education Portals
  •  Preventative Guideline Reports
  •  Confidential Health Storage Services
  •  Mental and Behavioral Support

One of the main reason employees and employers do not use these tools is because the support and guidance is very limited.  Traditionally speaking Brokers have been assigned to support these tools but unfortunately with Healthcare Reform and other changes they have very little time to support them.  In addition, Human Resource professionals will be asked to “drive” these programs but, again, they have very limited time, resources, and knowledge to effectively promote these tools. Insurance companies try to promote programs but often times face trust issues with the employees and end up ineffective in promoting implementation.

Hiring a C1C Care Coordinator is a very effective solution to promoting Insurance Company Tools.  C1C Care Coordinators are trained and educated on all Tools and Programs available to your employees.  We have had several clients sign up for the Care One Connect service simply to drive Insurance Company Tools and Wellness programs.   The C1C Care Coordinators are the perfect resource to “drive” the tools because they have the time, experience, knowledge, and trust.   When C1C effectively promotes engagement by employees results will follow!