Human Resource Departments

Alongside Benefit Firms, Human Resource Professionals have been asked to do many additional tasks due to Healthcare Reform.    In addition, many of the Insurance Carriers are requiring employees to participate in Biometric Screenings and Wellness Programs in an effort to maintain and control current Insurance Premiums.  Unfortunately, the HR person is being asked to deliver these programs to the employees.

Asking a Co-Worker (HR) to be the leader of wellness programs with employee is often counterproductive.  Many HR professionals are not want to upset employees or know too much about their personal health.  For the same reasons, employees may not feel comfortable sharing information with a coworker (HR).  Due to the nature of wellness, building a program that involves HR and the employees is another big reason many programs never get off the ground.

Care One Connect is a great solution because the C1 C Care Coordinators become an extension of the HR office but are independently working with employees.  HR professionals can effectively use C1C Care Coordinators to help drive programs to employees.   By using Care One Connect Human Resources can reduce their workload to allow focus on other projects and ensure a better results of implementing Wellness Programs and Tools.