Over the last several years TPA’s have been asked to bring valuable tools and programs in coordination with Health Insurance plans being offered to Businesses.  This can be very difficult for TPA’s because they may not have the resources of time or money to develop their own proprietary tools and programs.  Therefore TPA’s rely heavily on outside vendors to bring the right solutions to the Insurance package being offered.  This challenge is knowing what programs work the best and which ones produce the greatest results.  And since these programs are not proprietary TPA’s do not have controls to change what is being delivered.

For TPA’s Care One Connect could be a very valuable partner in screening, testing, and delivering the programs of various Healthcare vendors.  The best approach is to put our service front and center by working with employees for 6-12 months creating awareness, education, and trust with the program.  Once we have established we identify programs and tools that would be effective in helping the employees manage healthcare issues.

TPA’s should consider Care One Connect as an extension of their service and not an outside Vendor hoping to drive a program or tool.  Over the years we have had great success with our TPA relationships.  We truly become a valuable partner!