Care One Connect Programs

On Site Nurse Care Coordinator

By bringing a Nurse on site, we build professional and caring relationships with your employees which helps reduce Health Insurance claims, creates a corporate culture for health and wellness, and as a result, creates healthier employees. Your company’s “Corporate Nurse” will assist employees and their families with personal and confidential health care concerns and provide education and encouragement for wellness. This is a huge benefit for those employees who don’t have access to a health care advocate.

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Feel Like a Kid Again!

The C1C Nurse is vital to the overall success of a Healthy Lifestyle Point System and more importantly, the improved health and wellness of the employees and their families. Monthly coaching will be the foundation of the program; providing education, encouragement and enthusiasm and the development of a personal professional relationship between the Nurse, the employee and family members. Access to the Nurse will be through Monthly Visits, Telephone and Email. The Lifestyle Point System program is a living program and will be reviewed and updated as the wellness committee sees fit. This comprehensive wellness program involves all employees, deals with your company’s health risks, offers choices, targets both the employees and the worksite environment and provides periodic evaluation of its results. It includes personalized nurse coaching, preventive health and wellness education, and incentives for completing preventive physicals, medical screenings, good nutrition and exercising.

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Quit Smoking "Surcharge" Program

According to research done at The Ohio State University, the health care costs of a smoker versus a non-smoker costs employers an extra $5800 year. The additional costs include health care costs, smoking breaks and absenteeism. Many companies are charging a “surcharge” to employees that use tobacco (smokers or smokeless tobacco users). However, with a “surcharge” there is a mandatory reasonable alternative solution required. Care One Connect provides 3 options for a Quit Smoking Program that can be tailored to your needs. Web Based Only; Web Based Plus Nurse Telephone Coaching; or Web Based plus On Site Nurse Coaching.

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